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5 Tips To Scoring The Best Deals On Poshmark

by Shaina

A few months back a good friend of mine introduced me to the app Poshmark. She has the coolest style, always wearing incredibly cute and trendy clothes. Almost every time I comment on a piece of her clothing her response is, “Thanks! Got it on Posh.” After a few of these conversations I decided to download the app and see what the hype was about.

If you’ve never used Poshmark before,  its basically a very well organized online garage sale where people sell their clothes and accessories. Generally the items on Poshmark are used, but there are also a lot of items that have never been worn, worn once or twice, or even still have the tags on it. People are constantly scoring deals on designer clothes and shoes, getting great quality items for Forever 21 prices.  What’s not to love?  

If you haven’t checked it out yet and you’re looking to update your wardrobe, I highly recommend downloading the app (it’s free). Play around with it and see how it works. If you use the code SHAINA91 when you sign up you’ll get a free $5 credit towards your first purchase! 


5 Tips For Scoring The Best Deals On Poshmark 


1. Sort by “Just In”

Poshmark has a variety of filters you can use when you’re searching for items such as color, brand, size, condition, etc. What some people don’t realize is that the default setting on the way your search results are sorted is “Just Shared.” Instead, change your sort settings to “Just In.” This will filter the results to see all of the newest listings first, upping your chances to find a great deal! If a seller lists a product way below market value, odds are someone is going to buy it quickly (especially if its a popular brand). If you’re looking at new listings, you’ll have a better chance at jumping on the deal before someone else does.  


2. Use the “Like” Feature

If you see an item that interests you, hit the like button. This does a few things. By liking an item, you can easily find it later by clicking on the “my likes” section of the account. It also alerts Poshmark to notify every time you it drops in price. The coolest part of the my like feature is the ability for the seller to send you special discounts. Often, I will like an item and within a couple days or a week, I’ll receive an email saying the seller is offering a price drop of 20% and $2.99 shipping if you purchase in the next 24 hours. Its not always 20%, sometimes its 10% sometimes it 30%, it just depends on the seller. I’ve also seen completely free shipping offered from time to time. Sometimes an item is cute but a little out of my price range, if I get an email about a price drop and a reduced shipping price that i’m comfortable with, I’ll buy the item. 


3. Know Your Prices 

The original price listed on a Poshmark item isn’t always correct. Sometimes people list a random price, sometimes they list 0, and sometimes its an extremely inflated price. Know your prices before you buy to make sure you’re actually getting a good deal. If you can buy the item new for $5 more or possibly even buy it new for less than the listed price, then purchasing the item on that listing may not be worth it. Don’t let these people fool you! 


4. Read The Descriptions 

Be sure to read the descriptions, especially if the pictures on the listing are far away, unclear, or are images taken from another website. If there are any imperfections on the item, it should be listed in the description. Poshmark will issue a refund if the item you purchased on their app is not as described in the listing, but if you dont read the description and just go by the pictures, you’ll be stuck with the item you may not want. 


5. Make An Offer 

Before you hit buy, try making an offer! Poshmark is like a garage sale, the seller may be willing to let an item go for less than it is listed. Especially if the listing has been up for a while. It’s worth a shot! That being said, if the item is a popular brand and already listed way below market price, you should consider buying it before someone else takes advantage of the deal. 



Have some unwanted clothes in your closet? You may consider selling on Poshmark as well. That’s a post for another time. For now, go forth and create the wardrobe of your dreams for a price you can afford! What’s your favorite Poshmark score? Would love to hear about it! Comment below. 



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