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Fun In Los Angeles: The Best Bike Paths For E-Scooters In LA

by Shaina

I know for some e-scooters are seen more of a nuisance than a luxury but after riding these bad boys I have to admit I’m pretty happy they exist. Scooters in Los Angeles have made many people’s daily commute far more convenient and much cheaper by saving time and money on public transportation and parking. When I lived in San Jose I used to ride them from my house to San Jose State to save time trying to find parking, which was a nearly impossible feat. Although very useful for these purposes, I have to admit, I mostly ride them because they’re a ton of fun. 

These scooters go fast and you’re legally only supposed to ride them on the street. If I’m riding them around town I usually try to stay away from the main streets and opt to take the side streets. I feel much safer when I’m not riding right next to speedy impatient Los Angeles drivers. In San Jose they had a large 16 mile bike path that ran the length of the city. I found riding on the bike path much more enjoyable and safer. So I thought, why not look for possible bike paths to ride these scooters around LA. I haven’t ridden all of these paths and its possible that some don’t allow e-scooters. If they’re listed below then I couldn’t find any concrete evidence on the internet that they aren’t allowed. 

There’s actually over 40 bike paths in Los Angeles County. Below I’ve listed the paths I found to be in close proximity to e-scooters by using the Scooter Map App, which shows 35 different scooter brand locations all on one convenient map. I’ve listed scooter brands near by in order of highest number available in any given area. 

Los Angeles River Bike Path
Connects approximately 7 miles from the north side of Griffith Park at Riverside Drive (at Zoo Drive) along the Los Angeles River to Barclay Street in Elysian Valley. Closest entrance to available scooters is near Atwater/Los Feliz area of the bike path. 

Scooter brands near by: Bird, Lime, Lyft 

Chandler Bikeway
Runs about 5.6 miles from North Hollywood to Burbank. There’s a higher concentration of scooters on the North Hollywood side than the Burbank side but both have a pretty solid amount of scooters 

Scooter brands near by: Lime and Bird 

Orange Line Bike Path
Runs 16 miles stretching from North Hollywood to Chatsworth and runs parallel to Los Angeles Metro’s Orange Line Rapid Busway. This path can be most enjoyed by scooterists on the North Hollywood/Valley Glen side. 

Scooter Brands near by: Bird and Lime

Arroyo Seco Bike Path
Runs about 2 miles between South Pasadena and northeast Los Angeles. Very pleasant views of the mountains and LA Skyline.  It begins south of Pasadena Avenue and travels southwest along the Arroyo Seco Stream for its entire route. To ride this route with an e-scooter we had to get a little creative. The closest scooters are in Lincoln Heights, a six minute drive from the trail. To get the scooter you’ll have to go to Lincoln Heights, activate the scooters, put them in your car and drive to the trail. Ive done this before, its really not a big deal and this path is quite beautiful. Totally worth it. Check the map before you drive to Lincoln Heights, maybe you’ll get lucky and there will be some scooters closer. 

Scooter brands near by: Jump, Lime, Bird 

Ballona Creek Bike Path
Runs about 7 miles from Syd Kronenthal Park in east Culver City through Del Ray and Playa Vista to the Coast Bike Path along the beach. That being said, I know you 100% can’t ride the scooters on the coast bike path, a 22-mile path, that runs through popular cities such as Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Playa Del Ray, and Redondo Beach, sorry folks. If you make it all the way to the beach bike path you’ll have to ditch the scooters or turn around and go back the way you came. 

Scooter brands available near by: Bird, Jump, Lime Lyft 

If you find yourself with a free day these e-scooters are so much fun to take for a little joy ride. Most brands only cost 1 dollars to activate and then charge 15 cents per minute. It ends up being about 20 bucks for a couple hours of fun scootering around. These were the most accessible bike paths I could find near scooter hubs. Although there’s nearly 40 bike paths in Los Angeles County, there are a lot of cities that don’t allow scooters and its actually illegal to ride them on certain bike paths (such as the beach bike paths). The five bike paths listed above are scooter friendly. I plan on trying them all out at some point. Have you ridden an e-scooter on any of these paths? How was it? Leave a comment below. 




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