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Guide To The Ultimate (and affordable) Day In Avila Beach, CA

by Shaina

Looking for a California get away? Well there’s no better place then California’s Central Coast. I had the pleasure of living In San Luis Obispo for 6 years while getting my Bachlor’s Degree. When I wasn’t buried in books my favorite thing to do was explore the area and get outdoors. If you’ve never been to the area you should definitely get the ball rolling. It’s truly a magical place to be. California’s own paradise.

There’s a lot of little towns on California’s Central Coast. Some more familiar like Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo and others less familiar but just as fabulous. Today’s post is all about a small town located 10 minutes south of San Luis Obispo: Avila Beach. Below I’ve listed all the must see’s and do’s from a local’s prospective that will fit just about everyone’s budget. 


Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards

Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards is a really fun place to go wine tasting. If you are there on a Saturday, the vineyard provides live music entertainment in their outdoor seating area from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. The wine is incredibly reasonably priced, varying between 25 and 35 dollar per bottle. My boyfriend and I got a delicious bottle of Albarino White Wine for 25 dollars.

If you’re coming from the north I highly suggest taking the senic route via Perfumo Canyon Road. This road is a mostly paved and partial dirt road that goes from San Luis Obispo to Avila Beach. The road leads through trees and pastures up a big hill and once at the top there are a couple spots to pull off the road to take in beautiful views of the entire county. On a clear day you can even see the rock in Morro Bay. It will take you a little longer to get to Avila but its totally worth it if you can spare the time. The Vineyard is located near the end of the road just before it lets out in Avila.


Pizza On The Beach

One of my favorite things to do in Avila is eat a nice lunch while hanging out on the beach. There’s a delicious little pizza parlor off the main strip called Mission Pizza. This is a great place to eat if you’re on a budget. I almost always order the Maui Wowie Pizza, consisting of white sauce, 3 cheeses, pineapple, and ham. It’s to die for. Pineapple not your thing? No worries, all of their pizzas are good. You wont be disappointed. Once I have pizza in hand I head down to the beach to enjoy.

Pedego Electric Bike Rental On Bob Jones Trail

Ever ridden an electric bike? Well now is the time to try it out. Pedego electric bikes are the best electric bikes on the market (in my opinion). Most electric bikes only have an assist mode so you still have to peddle. Pedego electric bikes are basically mini motorcycles. You can peddle if you want but the bikes are fully electric and dont require you to peddle at all. Not only are these bikes amazing but they are extremely affordable to rent. Costing only 20 dollars an hour (most electric bike rentals cost anywhere from 60 to 90 dollars an hour). Once you rent your bike the Bob Jones Bike Trail is the best place to ride it. The trail goes a long side a creek through oak trees, passes a vineyard, through a couple beautiful private communities, and through the golf course. 

Avila Valley Barn

Avila Valley Barn is a fun place to go for the whole family. They have a small market with fresh produce, freshly baked pies, a gift shop, and an ice cream parlor. At certain times of the year they offer a U-pick, where you get to pick your own apples and berries on the farm. Outside the barn they have a petting zoo with a bunch of cute goats, chickens, llamas, and cows that you can pet and feed. Its a really fun and cute place to go while you’re in town.

Sunset At The Avila Beach Cave

Avila is home to some pretty cool beach caves. There’s a large cave off the side of an ocean cliff located at the top of Cave Landing Road. To get to the cave you park in a small dirt lot where the road dead ends. You’ll see the trail entrance to the right of the lot. Don’t worry its a short walk down a flat trail to get the cave, maybe 5 minutes tops. This is THE best place to catch an awesome sunset.

Sycamore Mineral Springs

In Avila Beach for some relaxation? Then you have to hit up the Sycamore Mineral Springs while you’re in town. The Sycamore Mineral Springs is a resort and spa that happens to have a bunch of private outdoor mineral spring hot tubs available to rent by the hour. A private hot tub with fresh beach air surrounded by nature, what more can you ask for? When I was attending college in the area it only cost 7 dollars a person for a hot tub. Prices have gone up since then, 15 dollars a person during the week and 20 dollars a person on the weekend, but its still affordable and super worth it.



Avila Beach is incredible. Its much less touristy than Pismo Beach and, in my opinion, so much better. If you’re planning on spending more than just a weekend on the Central Coast you should also look into going up to San Luis Obispo, Cayucos, Morro Bay, and Paso Robles. Each town has its own unique character. Already been to the Central Coast? What’s your favorite town to visit? 



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